Title : Open Post-Doc Position at the Vienna University of Technology, Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems,Electronic Commerce Group
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Post Date : 05/08/2011
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the electronic commerce group @ the Vienna University of Technology, Austria
is offering a post-doc position as described below:

One full-time post-doc position at the Institute of Software Technology and
Interactive Systems, Electronic Commerce Group (Vienna University ofTechnology, Austria) for 6 years (starting as soon as possible)

Condition of admission:
PhD/Doktorats degree in informatics or business informatics (orequivalent)

Main duties:
research in the domain of innovation in the context of ICTorganization and implementation of the module/course innovation inthe business informatics curriculum (organization of the courses, selectionprocedures for students, public relations with industry partners) preliminary work to establish a 12C lnformatics lnnovation Center coordination and cooperation with industry partners for co-financing relevant activities as well as realizing innovation processes in the context of research activities

Required skills:
profound knowledge in the field of innovation (management as well astheory), corresponding practical experiences would be a plus fluent in written and spoken English educational interests?team-minded excellent organizational and communicational skills.

Closing date for applications: 11th of May, 2011
Applications by post to "Personalabteilung for das wissenschaftliche Personal der TU Wien, Karlsplatz 13, 1040 Wien" or by mail to