Title : Smart City Datathon 2018
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Post Date : 8/27/2018
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Smart City Datathon 2018
Hong Kong, 12-14 OCT, 2018

Technology is changing our lives. How a city embraces the innovation and technology determines the quality of living. The vast amount of data collected in different authorities can be converted into valuable driving forces if data analytics is properly applied. Selected teams will be given a set of air flight schedule and actual aircraft movement data, together with the open data published by HKSAR Government, and 36 hours to develop innovative models, services or systems with a particular focus that can bring values to the cities. Don't miss out the opportunity to meet talents from other Asian countries and win a prize!!

Registration is FREE!

Registration Deadline
Please submit your application by 7 Sep 2018.

Please click the link for futher detail.