Since 1992
at Michigan, USA
ˇ@Earlier this year, we set several objectives for our association. With the editorial leadership of Dr. Shin-Yuan Hung, the Editor-in-Chief, we have achieved one of the most important goals with the three published issues that have strengthened the publication of our journal. The Communications of the ICISA is listed in the Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Management and as an IS journal in the Index of Information Systems Journal at . Another achievement is that our journal has been added to the ˇ§Index of Information Systems Journalsˇ¨ along with other well-known IS journals (see
ˇ@As we all know, we must change our traditional approach to reaching our members and friends as a result of the weaker member base attributed to several inescapable factors. Our association will co-host an international conference, ICITM2006 (see http:// and ICAIT2006 (see, which will be on 2007/01/03~2007/01/05 in Hong Kong. This will be a good communication platform for us to reach the new people from Taiwan and China. I am very welcome our members and friends who can participate these conferences and bring more members into our association.
ˇ@ Our another achievement for this year is to have formally received the EIN number EIN 72-1615357 from IRS, Department of the Treasury, USA. This EIN will identify our business account, tax returns, and documents. We are many thanks to our Director Board Member, Dr. J. Michael Tarn, for his great achievement.
ˇ@ Our existing communication protocol has been fully implemented by our official web portal ( and listserv this year. There is a new web design will come in the end of this year. We must give our special thanks to Dr. Huei-Huang Chen, the ICISA Webmaster, who has helped the association to establish and maintain its portal and listserv. The new web site will open a new communication channel for our members, friends or even other external colleagues to make announcements, apply for a course certification, exchange information, etc.
ˇ@ This year, our President-Elect Dr. Bernard Han, VP memberships Dr. Albert Huang, Secretary Dr. Alex Tung, Treasurer Dr. Kuanchin Chen, and International Representative - Hong Kong Dr. Man Chung Chan, have gradually moved the reach of the association to other Chinese scholarly individuals or groups, which, we believe, would lead to the reestablishment of the associationˇ¦s member base and the extension of its influence. On behalf of the ICISA leadership team, I want to thank you all for your support which enables us to carry on the mission of the association in its 18th year.
ˇ@ Our future needs to face many increasing challenges as a result of the effect of the fast change in global ecosystems and the accelerated convergence between IS and other disciplines. Your continuous sponsorship and support for the ICISA and the new leadership team is essential and appreciated. We look forward to the bright future of the ICISA.

Shi-Ming Jack Huang
President of the ICISA
Head and Professor Department of Accounting and Information Technology
National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan


-Volume 7 Number 2 - Winter 2005

Cognition as a Determinant for Auditors Implementing Continuous Auditing, Chih-Chung Yeh and Su-Hui Huang and Hui-Zei Huang

Formalizing A Financial Audit System Requirements, John Akinlabi Akinyemi and Sylvanus Agbonifoh Ehikioya and Bamidele Ola

Design, Evaluate and Validate Relational Database: A Reverse Engineering Approach, Joseph Fong and Herbert Shiu and Anthony Fong

Empirical Bayesian Risk Management of IP VPN Service System, Kenvi Wang and Ted Huang and Henry Chang and Madjid Merabti

Report on the 2005 International Conference on Accounting and Information Technology ,Chialing Lee